If only I could do this, if only I could do that! So many people that are so talented.

Talent is very special in my opinion. Everyone has a talent, some figure that out early some figure it out late. No one has the same talent, I mean two people might be good at soccer but one could Be excellent at shooting and the other at defending! Many people are good at many things and I wish I could have a lot of talent. Artist, that’s what I wish I would be good. They are so artsy and peaceful, just them and their art. My own talents are my best though and I always try new things to see what I’m good at! It’s quite fun:).


Japanese Calligraphy

Lately I’ve really been into Japanese calligraphy! I enjoy the beauty in the the symbols, and even though it takes me a while to draw them they’re pretty fun to draw. Lately I have been entertained for hours just sitting on a chair at my art table glancing over at my computer time to time seeing if I’m drawing it right. It’s really nice :D. If you don’t know what calligraphy is, it’s a form of artistic writing created around 200 BC.

I really don’t know how I got into Japanese calligraphy… I think it was because of the movie “Mulan”, when I saw the notes she wrote on her arm I wanted to know how to right them. Yeah that sounds right! 

You should look at some symbols and maybe you might like it! ʕ◜∸ᴥ∸◝ʔ


Prepostion poem

The Castle

Along the gravel path
As the gates approach
Behind my horse
Into the kingdom
Above strange people look
Down upon me
Beneath my feet
At the rumbling stone
With all the castle secrets
In front of my eyes