TV Show Addictions

When you find a new TV show and you get hooked on it it’s like finding a black hole that’s sucking you in to a dark dungeon, never letting you escape until the show is over.

I recently found a show called “Sherlock” and oh…my…gosh. It’s so good! Even though it only has about 7 episodes (there is a new season coming out soon) it’s very interesting! You’re always getting surprised cause you have no idea what is happening!

If you aren’t addicted to a TV show, then you’re very lucky. ( side note: DON’T GET ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS IF YOU DO START WATCHING SOMETHING REALLY GOOD.) 😀

3 thoughts on “TV Show Addictions

  1. Just so you know… You are welcome. For it was I, Tess, who forced you to watch Sherlock in the first place, and it shall be know, that I welcome you, Dani I-forgot-your-middle-name-again C.C!!!

  2. Oh wow I completely agree, a black hole perfectly describes the way I lose hours upon hours to Netflix. And you’re so right about the last sentence. The Vampire Diaries should be called The Dying Diaries T_T

  3. FINALLY, SOMEBODY UNDERSTANDS!!! You are so right in the fact that a black hole also known as Netflix is sucking me in making me watch a TV show, every episode of every season in one day. Leaving me to know everything about everyone! GREAT JOB!!!

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