Why Breakfast is Important

My stomach grumbles. My mom was right when she said to eat breakfast. Why did I miss the most essential meal of the day?!

Without breakfast you couldn’t make it to lunch! It’s the startingpoint of your day. breakfast provides the nutrients and energy you need. Last time I missed breakfast I was groggy, irreitible and had trouble focusing.

Futhermore, breakfast is the jump start to your day. It wakes up your brain. When you first wake up your eyes are open but your mind is still in lala and, dancing in a meadow of flowers, and you’d be like that till lunch! Imagine having a test. Studies show that kids who don’t have breakfast before a test don’t do as well as kids who do eat breakfast. When it comes to testing you do not want to be groggy.

Whether pancakes, waffles, or eggs breakfast gets you through the day. Breakfast-though delicious- is also important. So don’t forget your breakfast, it will save your day.

Cookies!…I think

Do you ever have a really bad sweet tooth but you have no sweets?! That’s what happened to me and my friend Saira.

After dinner Saira and I were surfing on the internet for things to do when a little light bulb popped above my head. “Why don’t we make cookies?!” I yelled jumping up and down, flapping my arms. Saira immediately agreed and we got to work…and by work I mean looking for anything to make cookies with. We look through cabinets, fridges, freezers, pretty much anything were you can store food! After 5 minutes of scavenging we finally got all the ingredients! “Wait, how do we make cookies?” I question. “WE SHALL LOOK UPON THE INTERNET,” Saira dramatically yells. “Okay, I’m trusting you,” I say as we dive into the pool of internet.

A few cracked eggs and flour fights later we have finally gotten the cookies into the oven. “What do we do now?” I ask. Saira points back to the computer and whispers, “Youtube.” I smile and rush over to the computer.

What seems like an eternity later we finally hear an amazing sound,”BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP” I jump in joy knowing the cookies are ready. Saira takes them out as I pull out a plate. When the cookies are on the plate Saira and I realizes they aren’t really cookies…they are more like scones! I grab one from the plate,”Hey if it’s sweet it’s good enough for me” I say as I take a bite out of the cookie.

The Song

The sound of the piano makes its way into my ears. Repeating over and over the same 2 notes create the beat of the song. Voices stumble into my head, singing lyrics softly and elegantly. I mindfully listen to the words. Starting slow the voices stay with piano, I start to nod my head with the beat as the cellos come in. I close my eyes listening to the melody. The emotion of the voices made an image in my head. Warm rivers crawl down my face as the voices start belting out the enchanting words. Then I hear the strong powerful note. It sounds like someone just lets everything out with that one note. The cellos, violins and violas pull through the bows with power.

That’s when I lose it.

Streams of tears cover my face, the song storms on. Trying to breathe in and out the words of the song slip out of my mouth, but they’re barely audible. I’m trying to hush myself, but the song is just too powerful. Suddenly, the song slows. It’s soft like the beginning. The words become gentle as the song exits my ear. Everything was gone, except for the delicate beat of the piano, over and over “bum, bum, bum,bum,bum,bum.” The last note dance out of my ears. My hand reaches for the mouse to hit replay.