You Should Visit Texas Because…

It has Austin! The weirdest capital in the country :D.

Austin has a bunch of music such as ACL, a 3 day music festival with famous artists and lots of food, South by South West, a week long music festival (which is now the biggest music festival in the world!),  and Fun Fun Fun Fest, which has a lot of big bands and great music!

Austin also has amazing food. Barley and Swine, for example, is a fantastic restaurant with interesting food like duck, sweet breads, and rabbit. Also Uchiko which is a great sushi restaurant.

Austin, in my opinion, is known for its great food and awesome music, also for being weird And you should definitely visit it when you come to Texas!

3 thoughts on “You Should Visit Texas Because…

  1. Hi Dani
    Great food and music festivals! That sounds like a great combination to me. I’d love to visit a restaurant called Barley and Swine – such a great name. What makes you say it’s weird in Austin?
    Hopefully some day I’ll get to visit Texas. So far I’ve only seen Connecticut and Seattle, and loved them both, but Texas sounds a bit different!

    • Hello! Thank you for checking out my blog. Now I say Austin is such a weird place cause of the diversity of the city. We have the crazy party side better known as sixth street but we also have the peaceful suburban side like Cuernavaca! Austin has such a variety of things to do, people to meet, and food to eat and the people in Austin can be really funky and spontaneous!

      • Hi Dani
        I think I like the sound of the Cuernavaca side of Austin!
        How do you say that? ??
        People in your class have made Austin sound like food heaven!

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