7th Grade Reflection

7th grade. The year of changes…well at least in my opinion. When I first arrived in August, all I expected from 7th grade was A LOT more homework and more difficult classes but it turned out to be different. By October, my life had expanded, if that’s possible. I had started to acquire new friends and acquaintances. The amount of homework I received wasn’t too overwhelming and the classes weren’t that difficult. Eventually, I figured out that opening up and talking to more people can really alter your life. I eventually moved out of my friend group and into a new one. I am still good friends with everyone though. Now my new friends were amazing in all but they were distracting me. In seventh grade, I learned to always do my homework and study for tests even if it means to give up some time with my friends. All my attention was on my buddies and not much was on my studies, which effected my grades quite a bit.

As the year comes to an end I wish I cared more about my grades in the beginning of the year. I regret not putting a lot of effort into subjects like math and science. If I could replay the whole year I would try to overcome my shyness and make more friends. Also practice my cello a lot more! Some tips I’d give to next years seventh graders is if you do a sport for school next year do not I repeat DO NOT forget about your homework! Just because you had a basketball game does not mean you can skip doing your homework or studying for a test.

As I look over the year there were some ups and downs but I ended up with a lovely group of friends, a silly crush :D, and an astonishing amount of memories. All in all seventh grade was a pretty great year.

My Favorite Toy

When I was around the age five or six my brother and I got our first deck of Pokemon cards. Now this was big for me because I never got a lot of toys. All I really needed to play was my brother and sometimes we would play with his toys. Back to the point, I was really excited about this deck of cards.

Once my brother and I learned the rules of the game we started to battle each other! We would each take seven cards from our deck of sixty and then play our best card to ‘battle’. My brother would usually beat me since he was older and knew how to play much better then I did, but when I did defeat him I sure did celebrate! I would dance around and tackle him to the ground telling him in sing-song voice “I beat you! I beat you!” He would usually laugh then chase me around the house.

Now, after six years of harsh condition, my Pokemon cards are bent, torn, and scraped up. Most of them are actually missing, but whenever I do find one under my bed or in my brother’s room I remember how much fun I had with them.image


Cookies!…I think

Do you ever have a really bad sweet tooth but you have no sweets?! That’s what happened to me and my friend Saira.

After dinner Saira and I were surfing on the internet for things to do when a little light bulb popped above my head. “Why don’t we make cookies?!” I yelled jumping up and down, flapping my arms. Saira immediately agreed and we got to work…and by work I mean looking for anything to make cookies with. We look through cabinets, fridges, freezers, pretty much anything were you can store food! After 5 minutes of scavenging we finally got all the ingredients! “Wait, how do we make cookies?” I question. “WE SHALL LOOK UPON THE INTERNET,” Saira dramatically yells. “Okay, I’m trusting you,” I say as we dive into the pool of internet.

A few cracked eggs and flour fights later we have finally gotten the cookies into the oven. “What do we do now?” I ask. Saira points back to the computer and whispers, “Youtube.” I smile and rush over to the computer.

What seems like an eternity later we finally hear an amazing sound,”BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP” I jump in joy knowing the cookies are ready. Saira takes them out as I pull out a plate. When the cookies are on the plate Saira and I realizes they aren’t really cookies…they are more like scones! I grab one from the plate,”Hey if it’s sweet it’s good enough for me” I say as I take a bite out of the cookie.

The Song

The sound of the piano makes its way into my ears. Repeating over and over the same 2 notes create the beat of the song. Voices stumble into my head, singing lyrics softly and elegantly. I mindfully listen to the words. Starting slow the voices stay with piano, I start to nod my head with the beat as the cellos come in. I close my eyes listening to the melody. The emotion of the voices made an image in my head. Warm rivers crawl down my face as the voices start belting out the enchanting words. Then I hear the strong powerful note. It sounds like someone just lets everything out with that one note. The cellos, violins and violas pull through the bows with power.

That’s when I lose it.

Streams of tears cover my face, the song storms on. Trying to breathe in and out the words of the song slip out of my mouth, but they’re barely audible. I’m trying to hush myself, but the song is just too powerful. Suddenly, the song slows. It’s soft like the beginning. The words become gentle as the song exits my ear. Everything was gone, except for the delicate beat of the piano, over and over “bum, bum, bum,bum,bum,bum.” The last note dance out of my ears. My hand reaches for the mouse to hit replay.

TV Show Addictions

When you find a new TV show and you get hooked on it it’s like finding a black hole that’s sucking you in to a dark dungeon, never letting you escape until the show is over.

I recently found a show called “Sherlock” and oh…my…gosh. It’s so good! Even though it only has about 7 episodes (there is a new season coming out soon) it’s very interesting! You’re always getting surprised cause you have no idea what is happening!

If you aren’t addicted to a TV show, then you’re very lucky. ( side note: DON’T GET ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS IF YOU DO START WATCHING SOMETHING REALLY GOOD.) 😀


Every 3,000  years or so Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall onto the same day! Together they create Thanksgivingakkuh! You give thanks while eating yummy latkes and lighting the menorah. Every year for Thanksgiving we go over to our friends house and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but this year since they are Jewish to we lit the menorah and say our prayers. It goes like this “Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam asher kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu l’had’lik neir shel Chanukah.”

My favorite part about Thanksgivingakkuh is being with my family and friends all giving thanks. Cherishing this moment that only happens once in 3,000 years.

A Little White Flower

тнe нearт oғ a ғlower ιѕ a нearт oғ gold
ιтѕ warм and ғυzzy and nιce тo naтυre
тнιѕ ғlower нaѕ вeaυтιғυl pedalѕ
тнe color oғ wнιтe, a graceғυl, peaceғυl, and genтle color
тнe вeeѕ love тнιѕ ғlower вecaυѕe ιтѕ ѕo ѕweet
тнιѕ ғlower нaѕ ғearѕ тнoυgн
тнe ғear oғ geттιng тraмpled and dyιng ғroм geттιng pιcĸed υp and тнrown away
тнιѕ ғlower doeѕ noт ѕнow ιтѕ fear
ιт ѕнowѕ ιтѕ нappιeneѕѕ and ѕwayѕ ιn тнe wordѕ oғ coмplιмenтѕ oғ ιтѕ вeaυтy
now тнιѕ ιѕ a ѕpecιal ғlower one oғ a ĸιnd
no oтнer ғlower ιѕ lιĸe ιт
no oтнer perѕon ιѕ lιĸe ιт
now тнιѕ ғlower, ιѕ yoυ

The Chase

This Saturday my friend Emma and I went down to a creek near her house. We travelled pretty far down the creek bed, hoping on rocks to get to a better path. We even stopped for lunch!(Don’t worry we didn’t forage for berries or feed off of plants we actually packed a lunch). Emma and I soon came to a very deep and wide part of the creek, and there was a gate blocking us from going any farther. I suggest we go find another place to cross, so that’s what we do. When we crossed we saw there was an opening in the gate, so like most curious people we decided to go through it. 2 minutes later we hear barking and a golden retriever running after us, with a man standing behind him yelling something that we couldn’t make out cause we were already running for our lives. I felt like a horse running with its mane flying behind it, avoiding tree branches and rocks. You see we thought they were following us cause we could always hear the little rings of the dog collar. Breathing hard we ran out of the woods and onto the pavement.

When we were walking back we started laughing and exaggerating the story, making up that the man had a shirt covered in blood, with a shotgun and the dog was bloodthirsty and fast as lightning! Now I know not to be to curious.


If only I could do this, if only I could do that! So many people that are so talented.

Talent is very special in my opinion. Everyone has a talent, some figure that out early some figure it out late. No one has the same talent, I mean two people might be good at soccer but one could Be excellent at shooting and the other at defending! Many people are good at many things and I wish I could have a lot of talent. Artist, that’s what I wish I would be good. They are so artsy and peaceful, just them and their art. My own talents are my best though and I always try new things to see what I’m good at! It’s quite fun:).


Japanese Calligraphy

Lately I’ve really been into Japanese calligraphy! I enjoy the beauty in the the symbols, and even though it takes me a while to draw them they’re pretty fun to draw. Lately I have been entertained for hours just sitting on a chair at my art table glancing over at my computer time to time seeing if I’m drawing it right. It’s really nice :D. If you don’t know what calligraphy is, it’s a form of artistic writing created around 200 BC.

I really don’t know how I got into Japanese calligraphy… I think it was because of the movie “Mulan”, when I saw the notes she wrote on her arm I wanted to know how to right them. Yeah that sounds right! 

You should look at some symbols and maybe you might like it! ʕ◜∸ᴥ∸◝ʔ