TV Show Addictions

When you find a new TV show and you get hooked on it it’s like finding a black hole that’s sucking you in to a dark dungeon, never letting you escape until the show is over.

I recently found a show called “Sherlock” and oh…my…gosh. It’s so good! Even though it only has about 7 episodes (there is a new season coming out soon) it’s very interesting! You’re always getting surprised cause you have no idea what is happening!

If you aren’t addicted to a TV show, then you’re very lucky. ( side note: DON’T GET ATTACHED TO THE CHARACTERS IF YOU DO START WATCHING SOMETHING REALLY GOOD.) 😀

Japanese Calligraphy

Lately I’ve really been into Japanese calligraphy! I enjoy the beauty in the the symbols, and even though it takes me a while to draw them they’re pretty fun to draw. Lately I have been entertained for hours just sitting on a chair at my art table glancing over at my computer time to time seeing if I’m drawing it right. It’s really nice :D. If you don’t know what calligraphy is, it’s a form of artistic writing created around 200 BC.

I really don’t know how I got into Japanese calligraphy… I think it was because of the movie “Mulan”, when I saw the notes she wrote on her arm I wanted to know how to right them. Yeah that sounds right! 

You should look at some symbols and maybe you might like it! ʕ◜∸ᴥ∸◝ʔ