Fascinating Stars

“Nine thousand years ago there was a constellation in the sky named Scorpius that had just been formed,” Elle told the children huddled around the campfire.
A small hand shot up from the group and a little boy, no older then 6 asked,
“what’s a constellation?” Elle sat and thought for a couple of seconds trying to
think of an educated way to tell the children about constellations, but at the same time not bore them to death.
“Well my young grasshoppers, a constellation is a group of stars that identify
mythological creatures that once roamed the earth!” Elle said, twisting it only a little. Most of the children oooooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d wanting to hear about the constellations, especially the Scorpius one.
“Now, back to the Scorpius story. Scorpius was a giant-” Elle got cut off by the camp director coming in.
“Hiya Anthony! Need anything?” Elle asked, a little annoyed by the fact that he interrupted her story.
“Well I’m sorry to break up the fun but it’s time to go back to your cabins kids,” Anthony disappointedly said as he motioned all the sad and whiney kids back to their cabin. Elle sadly looked at Anthony, this was the last night at camp and all the kids would go home tomorrow! She would never be able to finish her story unless the kids came back next year. But still, she was quite disappointed in the fact that she could never finish her story to these children. Sighing, Elle gets up from the wooden log that her butt was occupying. She brushes off her nike shorts and tries to put out the fire with the bucket of water conveniently placed next to the fire pit. Most of the fire distinguishes but Elle steps on the remaining embers with her chacos. Elle jogs to catch up with her cabin group and starts to direct them back to the cabin. All she can think about is the next group she is going to have. Will they be nice? Rude? Funny? Sarcastic? Elle ponders this as they walk down the dirt path back to the main camp.

“Lights out guys!” Elle softly yells to the children. She goes and hits the lights making the room dark. Elle shuffles to her bed trying not to trip over anything she cannot see. She climbs into her bed and grabs her blanket lying it over her body. She looks around the cabin seeing the faint silhouettes illuminated by the moon. Sadly sighing she looks out of one of the many windows and into the mesmerizing night. Her dream was slowly coming true, teaching kids about the stars and space but not in a dull classroom. Elle turns her gaze out the window to her decorated bed. She thought since she’ll be here for the whole summer why not snazz it up a bit with some paper stars and tinfoil planets. She chuckles as she sees one of her favorite words on a stretched out star. Spaghettification was written in bold yellow letters that were stretched out almost like a noodle. It was ‘falling’ into a black hole, or what is really just a circle of black construction paper. Smirking a tad, Elle turns her attention back to the night sky. She searches for one of her favorite constellations. Spotting it she happily hums, the Cancer constellation is definitely one of her favorite constellations. The light snores of the children awakens Elle from her little dream. She realizes that she’ll have to get up quite early to get the kids ready for their departure of camp. Elle inhales and exhales slowly before falling into a lovely peaceful sleep.

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