Every 3,000  years or so Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall onto the same day! Together they create Thanksgivingakkuh! You give thanks while eating yummy latkes and lighting the menorah. Every year for Thanksgiving we go over to our friends house and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, but this year since they are Jewish to we lit the menorah and say our prayers. It goes like this “Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam asher kidishanu b’mitz’votav v’tzivanu l’had’lik neir shel Chanukah.”

My favorite part about Thanksgivingakkuh is being with my family and friends all giving thanks. Cherishing this moment that only happens once in 3,000 years.

I am From…

I am from basketballs; from Nintendo items and paint splatters.

I am from, the red brick house near the woods with the smell of beef stew coming from the kitchen.

I am from the cedar trees.

The pomegranate tree whose fruits and leaves long gone broken down adding memories into the dirt.

I am from potato pancakes and dancing under the Zilker tree on the cold winter nights of December,

from Robyn and Cathy.

I’m from Yiddish words, Deckfest, and from waffles on Sunday morning.

I’m from World War 2 stories and my moms stories of her childhood in New York and the Throw it Out the Window song.

I’m from Passover meals.

I’m from Austin “The Live Music Capital of the World” and Russian and Austrian ancestry.

From my great grandfather abandoning his own family coming to America.

I’m from the plates of my brothers birthday parties lining the wall.

I am from my beautiful home.

A Little White Flower

тнe нearт oғ a ғlower ιѕ a нearт oғ gold
ιтѕ warм and ғυzzy and nιce тo naтυre
тнιѕ ғlower нaѕ вeaυтιғυl pedalѕ
тнe color oғ wнιтe, a graceғυl, peaceғυl, and genтle color
тнe вeeѕ love тнιѕ ғlower вecaυѕe ιтѕ ѕo ѕweet
тнιѕ ғlower нaѕ ғearѕ тнoυgн
тнe ғear oғ geттιng тraмpled and dyιng ғroм geттιng pιcĸed υp and тнrown away
тнιѕ ғlower doeѕ noт ѕнow ιтѕ fear
ιт ѕнowѕ ιтѕ нappιeneѕѕ and ѕwayѕ ιn тнe wordѕ oғ coмplιмenтѕ oғ ιтѕ вeaυтy
now тнιѕ ιѕ a ѕpecιal ғlower one oғ a ĸιnd
no oтнer ғlower ιѕ lιĸe ιт
no oтнer perѕon ιѕ lιĸe ιт
now тнιѕ ғlower, ιѕ yoυ


Under a tree or on your Birthday,

Wrapped in paper or in a bag.

Coming from the ones you love,

with joy and care,

You probably adore the feeling of opening a big bag or a little small box.

If you like it or not you will always thank them for the appreciation.

Presents, a small little bundle of joy.

The Chase

This Saturday my friend Emma and I went down to a creek near her house. We travelled pretty far down the creek bed, hoping on rocks to get to a better path. We even stopped for lunch!(Don’t worry we didn’t forage for berries or feed off of plants we actually packed a lunch). Emma and I soon came to a very deep and wide part of the creek, and there was a gate blocking us from going any farther. I suggest we go find another place to cross, so that’s what we do. When we crossed we saw there was an opening in the gate, so like most curious people we decided to go through it. 2 minutes later we hear barking and a golden retriever running after us, with a man standing behind him yelling something that we couldn’t make out cause we were already running for our lives. I felt like a horse running with its mane flying behind it, avoiding tree branches and rocks. You see we thought they were following us cause we could always hear the little rings of the dog collar. Breathing hard we ran out of the woods and onto the pavement.

When we were walking back we started laughing and exaggerating the story, making up that the man had a shirt covered in blood, with a shotgun and the dog was bloodthirsty and fast as lightning! Now I know not to be to curious.


If only I could do this, if only I could do that! So many people that are so talented.

Talent is very special in my opinion. Everyone has a talent, some figure that out early some figure it out late. No one has the same talent, I mean two people might be good at soccer but one could Be excellent at shooting and the other at defending! Many people are good at many things and I wish I could have a lot of talent. Artist, that’s what I wish I would be good. They are so artsy and peaceful, just them and their art. My own talents are my best though and I always try new things to see what I’m good at! It’s quite fun:).


Japanese Calligraphy

Lately I’ve really been into Japanese calligraphy! I enjoy the beauty in the the symbols, and even though it takes me a while to draw them they’re pretty fun to draw. Lately I have been entertained for hours just sitting on a chair at my art table glancing over at my computer time to time seeing if I’m drawing it right. It’s really nice :D. If you don’t know what calligraphy is, it’s a form of artistic writing created around 200 BC.

I really don’t know how I got into Japanese calligraphy… I think it was because of the movie “Mulan”, when I saw the notes she wrote on her arm I wanted to know how to right them. Yeah that sounds right! 

You should look at some symbols and maybe you might like it! ʕ◜∸ᴥ∸◝ʔ


Prepostion poem

The Castle

Along the gravel path
As the gates approach
Behind my horse
Into the kingdom
Above strange people look
Down upon me
Beneath my feet
At the rumbling stone
With all the castle secrets
In front of my eyes

Camp Eagle 2013- The beginning


Silhouette of the past
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Let Ideas Compete via Compfight

I walk into the Party Barn, a huge barn that you can climb up the walls and rappel from the ceiling. I see all of these campers sitting on bleachers, just sitting non-nonchalantly like nothing is happening. Before you get all ‘Oh my gosh this girl is nervous about the first day of camp, WEIRD!’ I’ve been to this camp many many many times before this week at Camp Eagle. I’ve been going to Camp Eagle since I was born, so everyone knows me there. Well all of the staff do… …they treat me like family! I was just nervous this year because I had a bad experience last year at camp, last year the other girls didn’t really talk to me because I was the oldest and was shy. Anyways I go put my stuff down and dash over to my parents give them a quick hug and goodbye  then I head over to the bleachers taking a seat next to a girl with short black hair. “Hi! Are you Dani? Cause if you are then you’re in cabin, she exclaims very loudly in my ear. Yeah I’m Dani, nice to meet you.” I reply softly. ” REAGAN! What did I say about scaring away the other campers!” An adult says who I guess is a counselor. Reagan huffs and turns away to pout. ” Sorry about that, she’s just really ‘really’ loud, emphasizing on the 2nd really, I’m Lau… … HI! I’m Rachel, and I’m Claire!” 2 girls push Laura out of the way and yell their names at me. I giggle, ” Hi I’m Dani. Oh! I remember you! Your mom put on that race here a few weeks ago. I nod, “Get out of here! Anyways I’m Laura and I’m your counselor this week, and this is Sarah your other counselor.”A girl with blonde hair waves at us. Laura whispers into my ear,” do you happen to know a dance that we do here?” I nod. ” Ok so when you here the music come on start dancing!” I flinch, “sorry. It’s fine.” I reply.


After a while of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones the counselors come to tell us to sit down. I wave to my friends and go to my seat. The camp director, Blair, came out and introduced himself, explained rules, etc.. He then said something about counselors and right then and there some crazy music started playing! I get up out of my seat and started doing the choreographed moves with the bernie (my all time favorite dance move) and everyone was laughing having a great time.  That was the start of an amazing week!